Privacy Policy

At Christopher Blank, we know that the privacy of your personal information is important to you. We endeavor to handle your private or sensitive information carefully, considerately and securely at all times during your visit to our website and when working with us on custom designs.

Christopher Blank have prepared the following Privacy Policy, to inform our users about how we may request, collect, store and deal with personal information. We encourage all users to read this policy, prior to engaging with Christopher Blank or sharing any information with us, via our website or throughout the design process.

Once you have engaged with us, by confirming an order, custom or otherwise, we will assume that you have read and understood the following Privacy Policy and have therefore automatically consented to the use of your personal details in any of the ways outlined below and in any further ways incidental to those uses in the reasonable course of our business at Christopher Blank.

Collection and use of infomation

Christopher Blank will only ever request information of a personal nature from you when it becomes necessary to us to fulfill our service to you.

When using our website and online store to purchase signature products, we will require information from you, which may include your name, delivery address, contact details and payment information. We will only use this information for the purposes of customer service and to make sure your order is correct and reaches you safe and sound.

All payment information is encrypted and is never transferred in an identifiable format or stored.

Storage of information

Your personal details will be stored safely and securely on our Christopher Blank database, and will only be accessed by us for the purposes of fulfilling our service or business activities in accordance with the uses outlined in this policy.

The only people granted access to our database are employees of Christopher Blank, who will treat your information as confidential at all times.

Your information will never be shared with any third party, for any reason, without your express consent.

Any information no longer required at the completion of an order will be deleted or otherwise destroyed.

Access to information

You are always welcome to view or modify any personal details that we store in our database. If you wish to obtain a record of exactly what we keep, or edit your contact details, simply contact us via e-mail.

Christopher Blank will never allow any third party to access your information for the purposes of editing it.

Non-personal information

In addition to your contact e-mail address, we may also collect non-personal or non-identifiable details about your visit to the Christopher Blank website and online store.

The use of ‘Cookies’ enables us to ascertain certain details about your visit including, but not limited to: navigational information, any referring websites and location information.

This information is completely anonymous, and no attempt to match it up with your identifiable details is ever made. The information is recorded purely for statistical purposes and is used to improve our service.

You may choose to refuse the operation of ‘Cookies’ by disabling this feature in the settings of you computer, mobile phone or other device.

Data over the internet

The Internet is a global network. Therefore, any data that you may transmit whilst accessing our website, is transmitted globally. By visiting the Christopher Blank. website, you are impliedly authorising the global transmission of your data.

We are not responsible for this transmission and are not liable for any consequences that may flow from it.

Changes to privacy policy

We reserve the right to make alterations to our Privacy Practices, at any time, without notice or consequence. Any changes that would affect our website users, will be published in our Privacy Policy and will take immediate effect from their time of publication.

It is your responsibility to remain up to date with our Privacy Policy. Your continued access to our website, or interaction with Christopher Blank, will be taken as your knowledge of any changes made and express consent to the collection or use of your personal information in any of the updated ways.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Practices, or if you believe we have breached our privacy obligations to you, please contact us directly and we will be more than happy to assist you.

These Terms and Conditions are current as of January 2020.

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