Wondering about stuff and things?
We often do that, too.


Here are some common questions we get asked, that may help you. If they don’t, well jeez sorry, we’re not mind readers, but we aim to please so head to our Contact page to shoot us your query.

How do I view your furniture in person? Do you have a showroom?

We recently moved, so our showroom is under construction. Our workshop floor however is in full swing so you are more than welcome to come and visit via appointment.  See contact page for details.  

Are you based in Australia? How do I know you guys aren’t shape-shifters?

We’re a five-person team, led by The Boss and her two dogs, living and working out of Melbourne, Australia. The Boss is a hard task-master but, luckily for you, she keeps us on track and her dislike of beer and surfing prevent us from running away to Mexico.

Can I change or cancel my order after I’ve placed it? #Soz


We want you to be 100% satisfied with your piece. We will try and accommodate changes to custom orders, wherever possible, however we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to do so. Please see our terms & conditions to find out more.


We cannot accept cancellations on signature orders from our website once payment has cleared, so please ensure that you are certain about your order before confirming.

Cancellation on custom orders may be possible in certain circumstances, strictly at our discretion. Deposits are, however, not refundable under any circumstances. If we are too far into the manufacturing process we may not be able to accept cancellation without payment of the remaining 50% balance for your order. Custom products are often specific, and take a great deal of work, so please be sure when you place your order. Please see our terms & conditions to find out more.

Can you help me decorate my home or shop?

Absolutely… Christopher says you can fill your house with CB. In fact, we recommend you do! Check out our bios, we have extensive experience in visual merchandising, design, and interior fit outs If you need guidance on timber, finish, sizes, and how we can create complimentary pieces for maximum vibe just let us know.

How long will it take for me to get my Christopher Blank piece?

This depends on what you’d like. Our Christopher Blank Range Items have a 4-6-week lead time and custom orders are determined on an individual basis depending on the size of the job. We can figure out all the details once you’ve finalised your design.

Can you custom-create something for me?

This is what we do best! We’ve honed our collaborative design skills so that we can draw out your vaguest ideas and make them come to life in a custom CB piece!  From shop fit-outs, floating drawer units and shoe cabinets, to dining room tables and leather upholstered armchairs, we can custom create anything. To get in touch with us about co-creating a piece, contact us.  

Will you also make me dinner?

Geez, we get this one a lot. The short answer is no because we did once and it was not good. In fact, it was very bad.  The table we served it on though, now that was fine dining!

How long is the process of creating a custom piece of furniture?

This really depends on you and your big ideas. There are a few determining factors…the size of the job, how quickly you can come back to us with information and feedback, and whether we need to engage other suppliers to assist (metal workers or upholsterers etc). Contact us and we’ll get in touch with some solid timeframes.

I’ve made a little boo boo on my furniture, what do I do?

We get it, stuff happens, and we’ve built your piece to withstand most stuff, the finishes we use are easy to maintain and repair. Read our care instructions, they’ll probably help. But if it’s some really bad stuff, like smeared stuff, or cracked stuff, or just gross stuff that you don’t know what to do with, a Big Boo Boo, send us an email with photos and an explanation and we’ll do our best to help you. If in doubt, do this before anything else!


Where does Christopher Blank ship to?

The entire Cosmos. Handy!

How much will it cost me to ship a piece interstate or overseas?

Contact Us for shipping costs for our range of furniture to all major Australian cities and overseas. 

Can I just pick up my order?

Yes! We’ll provide you with all the details so you can use your tape measure to make sure your horse and cart can handle the load. And make sure your ropes are in good nick so we can strap it on your back nice and tight.  

How do I send a letter to my nan?

You should have created an email address for her by now, and shown her how to use it. Shame on you.

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