Our story so far.

The Brand

We’re a husband and wife duo, Luke (Christopher) Atkins and Veronica (Blank) Paiva, with two dogs and a small human baby AKA THE BOSS (also hand crafted by us but not currently for sale).

With over 12 years’ experience in furniture and design, we combine our finely-honed skillsets to collaborate closely on each piece. Veronica is our design eye and works with clients to put each piece to paper, once we’ve teased out all the detail Luke’s hand crafting brings the piece to life. As perfectly proportioned and beautifully detailed a piece might look on paper once complete, the timber, finish and quality of workmanship is what make Christopher Blank’s pieces sing. Luke’s background is in Carpentry – specialising in restoration and heritage homes. A love of timber has always run through his blood, and it wasn’t long until this love, paired with a meticulous attention to detail, curated itself into some fine furniture-making.

Since the age of sixteen Veronica has worked in design and visual merchandising across numerous global luxury retailers and brands. This experience not only had a profound impact on her eye for design, but ignited her affinity for the processes of creating something that is not only functional but sentimental… Pieces that tell stories and can be cherished for generations.

Together they are the masterminds, the timber-welding, design duo and craftspeople behind, Christopher Blank. Influenced by everything and anything, CB take pride in preserving the original form of each piece of wood, and creating timeless pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Veronica’s mum and dad come from Argentina and bought with them this little kitchen table. It’s a shitty little table but underneath it is a series of drawings her and her sister drew when they were toddlers. They’ve had it forever and refuse to let go of it. Imagine if it were actually aesthetically pleasing. That’s what Christopher Blank wants for you.

Furniture should be something that can be cherished forever and passed down through the generations. For this reason, we take a lot of care to work closely with our clients to design and create timeless items that are of sentimental value. We always take our clients on the journey with us to make them truly happy and involved in the whole experience. We like playing a tiny, useful, part in the beauty of your chaotic, love filled lives.


We like to keep it pretty simple here at Christopher Blank. We are a Melbourne-made, custom-design studio dedicated to creating functional furniture and homewares from sustainably sourced timber.

CB was born from a collective passion to produce quality, handmade pieces with our minds and hands, always honoring the integrity of the materials we use.  With proportion being key and that perfect hand crafted finish for furniture that is way smoother than a Tinder one liner. We do whatever it takes to retain an original aesthetic throughout each and every piece of furniture we create.

We respect the character of each individual piece of timber we get our hands on. Just like you would respect your mother (be nice to your mothers, please). We are completely and utterly obsessed with timber; the way it looks, the way it feels, and how it ultimately makes your house a home; it’s a timber love triangle.

We make furniture that is originally yours and built to last. Whether it’s a dining table that serves up impassioned discussions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or a coffee table that you can pull up a pew to and beat your grandma at bridge. We make timeless items that are of sentimental value, that will be cherished and by your family for generations to come, with stories to tell. Who cares if the memory is of your sister beating you up with that small yet beautifully crafted stool, right?

Choose a piece from our signature Christopher Blank Collection or step outside the box (or table) and custom-create a piece with us.

Our Team

  • Small_port-Luke

    Luke Atkins

    Founder & Maker

  • Small_port-Veronica

    Veronica Paiva

    Founder & Designer